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12 Aug

Something that doesn’t make me angry…

Those of you who know me, know I have thick, long hair which takes me ages to wash and dry

6 Apr

Photos of my birthday party…

Check out all my photos here:  Rachael’s birthday photos

31 Aug


“We gather strength from sadness and from pain. Each time we die we learn to live again.”

12 Aug

Something scary happened…

on the way home from work on Thursday. I was driving 110km on the busy M1 from Brisbane to the

11 Aug

Bored and lonely…

Somebody talk to me

24 Jul

Thought you’d like to know

I’m ok. I felt better today than I have in a long time

21 Jul

Winter Blues?

I can think of no other explaination for the onset of this sadness I am feeling. Throughout the centuries, poets

4 Jul

A double whammy

So I was just recovering from the pretty debilitating cold/virus I had the week before last and then Monday afternoon

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