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30 Jul

In memory of Sienna Rose Watkinson

My Mum  My Mum is a survivor, Or so I’ve heard it said. But I can hear her crying, when

10 Jul

Sad times ahead…

I apologise for the sadness in the next few weeks. I need to express this grief…I seem to drift between

9 Jul

The day you went away…

This song was playing on the radio this morning as I sat waiting for the tablets they gave me to

8 Jul

Tonight I grieve…

Our baby girl died on the weekend at approximately 14 weeks and 4 days. I just found out today there

1 Jul

Surely there can be no other pram…

Than the Stokke Xplory in Olive??? At $1899 I think my husband may need some convincing

24 Jun

I’m trying not to worry…

that my 12 week old fetus looks like a peanut!

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