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4 Sep

Rainy day…

Today we said goodbye to Edith Joyce Ragg. She was the mother of my Mum’s best friend Mary. My Mum

9 Mar

Our Masquerade Housewarming party…

Those of you who know me well won’t be surprised that I couldn’t just have an ordinary housewarming party. So

19 Dec

My Shelly’s getting married…

I’m off to the Daintree to see my best friend marry the love of her life. Will be back Christmas

29 Mar

ha ha

This reminds of the times my wonderful friend Michelle has bought me a cake and has subtley scraped some of

24 Dec

The 2006 Egg Nog Party

Has been and gone. My friend Chris and I officially closed the party at 5am this morning after hours and

13 Aug

Totally Singstar!

The record for Singstar scores in our house was broken last night by De, shown singing in the photo. She

14 Jul

The Inner Sanctum Board Meeting

The Inner Sanctum Board Meeting was held last night. We made an exception last night and allowed the attendance of

7 Jul

My favourite photos

I have so many. These are 2 of them. The first is of Shania my niece and Phoebe. Phoebe is

3 Jul

Remember this name. Remember this face.

Adam Fawns. Actor. Singer. Musical Star. Artist. Master coder. Geek. Script Writer. Tom Jones imitator. Rick Astley wannabe. Just completed

2 Jul

Let it be known…

I could’ve been a ballerina… Nicki, one of my best friends is also in the photo. We lived behind each

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