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29 Jan

Please don’t hate me…

I am a professed reality tv food junkie. Foxtel IQ has made me worse! My favourite shows on Foxtel at

28 Jan

Can your tv do that?

Foxtel IQ is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever owned (well technically rented I guess?). No more sitting down to

23 Jan

Sorry Paul…it’s too late!

AAPT explains call centre customer queues 18/01/2008 09:00 Australia’s third-largest telecommunications company, AAPT, has apologised today for the number of

23 Jan

Wild Horses – The Sundays


22 Jan

Tell it like it is…

ok AAPT … with the exception of 2 very pleasant and helpful staff – you suck! I experienced the most

17 Jan

Quote of the day

Job Skeffington: A woman is beautiful when she’s loved, and only then. Fanny Trellis Skeffington: Nonsense. A woman is beautiful

10 Jan

A bit of excitement for this morning…

Read this article:,23739,23032492-3102,00.html  This guy hooned past us on the motorway this morning, followed shortly by a policeman.  The

7 Jan

And you thought kettles were boring?

I present to you the art deco kettle, now sitting proudly on my kitchen bench. I never thought I could

5 Jan

Quote for the day

She was as good as she was fair;  None, none on earth above her!  As pure in thought as angels

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