Rainy day…

4 Sep 2008 by Rach, No Comments »

Today we said goodbye to Edith Joyce Ragg. She was the mother of my Mum’s best friend Mary. My Mum loved Joyce and Joyce loved my Mum. It was a beautiful service and extremely moving and honest. Mary’s brother Huey spoke on behalf of himself, Mary and their sister Jenny and it was very touching. There was a recording of Mary singing “Angel” and the most emotional part for me was an extremely beautiful version of “Homesick” by Mat Stokes who performed the song accoustically at the service. The song and performance were breathtaking. Mercy Me’s version is posted below. Such a sad, sad song. I wanted to say goodbye to Joyce on behalf of my Mum and myself. Mum had always wished Joyce had been her Mum, since her relationship with her own Mum was not so good. I also wanted to be there to show Mary my support, just as she has done for me since Mum died.


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