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25 Sep 2008 by Rach, 3 Comments »


I had hoped to be able to post regular updates during this holiday, but it seems Internet access in Europe is expensive if you don’t have your own laptop…and then of course there’s the time thing…We have been so busy doing things, there really hasn’t been much time.

We’re finally in Mykonos, the place I’ve been dreaming of visiting for over 14 years and it is just as perfect as I imagined it. I will post some more photos once I get home, but for now here’s a sneak preview courtesy of my favourite cartoonist – Jeroen, who showed us around Paris last Saturday. What an incredibel day we had too with visits to the cafe from the movie Amelie, walking around the very quaint Montmarte and of course the Eiffel Tour among other things…


  1. Ivan says:

    So glad you’re having fun :) Come home safely!

  2. linda J says:

    Forget about the blokes – you look like such a spunk in that photo Rach!

  3. Ri says:

    How fabulous do you look!!!! I’m so jealous and how cool to get shown around by Jeroen!!! I will keep a lookout for you in his cartoons :o P Can’t wait to see all the rest of the piccies when you get back!

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