11 Apr

It’s a big world

love  love  love this lullaby

1 Feb

That Ain’t Bad…Ratcat

Simon Day…sigh… :-)


5 Jan

I know…I suck…

Finding it hard to maintain this blog, especially since I’m trying to keep Carys’s website up to date…but here I am…will try to get back here more regularly. Here’s some photos of my Christmas tree…just because I know how much my readers love Christmas…Actually I found it hard to get into the spirit this Christmas …maybe that’s because of the lack of egg nog this year? Most unusual for me. Just overwhelmed with Mummy duties I think… And see kids…Santa really does exist! Caught him red-handed. Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that…

13 Nov

I’m not crying…


12 Nov

My new watch…

I went for a vintage one instead…I still like the new ones but the vintage one is kinda me….unique and a bit different…and I like the whole antique looking jewellery.
Waiting anxiously for it to arrive. Hoping it is as nice in person!

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