20 May

The Real Me

This is the very first lyric I’ve written for music….Usually I just write a lyric that I have no music in mind for, which is a very different process!

And I have to say…it’s sounding damn good
The Real Me
Copyright 2006

You say you never knew the real me
You say it’s clear it wasn’t meant to be

You were the one that pushed me away
You were the one who said he’d stay
You said you’d stay

You wonder why…
You never could see
The real me
Could never let you see

You were the one who caused me sorrow
Left me behind but told me to follow
I tried…
Tried to follow

You wonder why…
You never could see
The real me
Could never let you see

I just wanna believe you loved me
Held my breath, but didn’t hold you tightly
Long to hold you

You wonder why…
You never could see
The real me
Wish you’d tried to see
I knew, I was just a play thing
When you left, did you see me breaking?

18 May

Pretty girls cry too

Watching Big Brother tonight. They are having a family dinner and someone brings up how they hate it when the skinny, beautiful girls comment about how fat they are or make negative comments about their looks. Well it turned into a huge debacle with just about every girl in the house in tears. Did anyone else find this ironic? We are talking about some of the most beautiful girls in Australia and they are all insecure, have eating disorders and have negative self images of themselves. I just couldn’t believe it…

I would kill to look like anyone of those girls…and here they are still caught up in this whole image thing and comparing themselves to others…so weird…

So my lesson for today is that pretty girls cry too

It’s true!

17 May

I’ve got an itch

Of the musical kind…I sometimes have coffee with a friend who is very encouraging about my singing abilities…I suspect he is just flattering me, but he often jokes that one of these days I’ll be a star. Ha ha…this will all happen after I get accepted on the next season of The Biggest Loser and start my lessons with Venetta Fields (which I am still saving for)…

I know I am never going to be no Britney Spears (thank goodness!), but I do really want to do some more with my singing. The first step is singing at my sister’s wedding…Dale’s playing the guitar. So far we’ve chosen 2 Ben Harper songs and looks like we’ll be doing both of them – “Beloved One” and “Happy Everafter in your eyes”. We played “Beloved One” for Tiff a few weeks ago and she broke down in tears…Hopefully that’s a good sign!!

Second step is lessons with Venetta Fields….Third step is doing some songs with Dale and Alex (a guy he has been jamming with) and fourth step…well who knows…I’m up for getting involved in some sort of choir, group, chorus….I’m not sure…I’ll see where I can go…

I’ve been sick for a few days with a cold, so it’s been killing me that I can’t sing. Tonight was the first night in nearly a week that I could sing again and boy was I relieved. We did some practice on the wedding songs and I also put some lyrics and a melody together for a tune that Dale had written on the guitar…It’s sounding good. We’re planning to buy some piece of equipment that will allow us to record ourselves, so once we’ve done that I’ll try and post something up here…

Should go to bed really, otherwise I’ll be upping my already high caffeine does of 3 times a day tomorrow…

Rach Out

P.S Some cool new tunes I heard on RadioIO Acoustic today:

  1. Sean Watkins – Runaway Girl
  2. Carla Ryder – Hottest Season
  3. Brigitte DeMeyer – Ruby
  4. Mare Wakefield – True Weakness
  5. Jim Wolf – Phone Tag
  6. Coley – Do what you feel
  7. Abi Tapia – Selective Memory
  8. Annie Gallup – Grace
12 May

The perfect ending to a long week


There is nothing better than a Long Island Ice Tea on a Friday night to make everything ok…

That is all I have to say on this matter…

10 May

This is a sheep


Baa Baa

10 May

Secret Guests

Rich and Rach

So the secret guests are Richard and Rach….Dale’s brother and his girl….They only told us last week they were coming and they wanted to surprise Dale and Rich’s parents, so we picked them up Sunday night and drove them up to Mt Tamborine Monday morning to surprise Austin and Vanessa.

It was pure gold…Lots of tears…a really nice moment. It was worth getting into work late for…

They’ve been staying with us since they got here and it’s really wonderful having them around. Rach and I had a girly night the other night while the boys were playing PS2. I spent about an hour giving Rach a manicure as she had never had one! And now we’ve booked in Saturday morning for the 3 of us (Rach, me and Dale’s Mum) to have pedicures together! Oh the girliness!! Saturday night we’re off to the best Italian restaurant on Mt Tamborine – Brunelli’s. We’ll stay over at Austin and Ness’s that night and spend the day with them again on Sunday for Mother’s Day. Of course we’ll call in and see Dad and Diane as well.
They’re here for 12 days, which isn’t nearly long enough, but we’re just grateful they are here.

Let’s see…what else…not much really…Just working, coffee, working, coffee…..

Rachael Out


7 May

New Music

Heard a few new artists this weekend that I need to check out:

  • Skye – Love Show
  • Bob Evans
  • Bernard Fanning (ok he’s not new, but I’ve never really been interested in him till I heard this new song – Songbird)

Must get some new cds…

7 May

You will not believe the excitement…

I’ve been playing house most of the weekend. We’ve been having a big clean-up because we have secret visitors arriving tonight and want the house to look good for them. I can’t tell you who they are because I’d have to kill you. Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow. All I can say is that there is going to be a hell of a lot of tears when the unexpected recipients receive their guests. Can’t wait. I’ll be arriving into work late tomorrow as I have to see the tears in person. Can’t miss out on any display of emotion…

So my enthralling weekend has comprised of:

  1. Unpacking and packing the dishwasher
  2. Washing up pots and pans
  3. Washing Clothes
  4. Hanging out and bringing clothes back in from the line
  5. Bringng down cobwebs from outside the house
  6. Battling huge redbacks… While bringing down cobwebs, I noticed a huge redback crawling away from me…No idea where he came from or how close I was to be being bitten by him, but I had the creeps after that experience…
  7. General Tidying
  8. Cleaning 2 bathroooms and 2 toilets
  9. Folding and putting away about 3 basketfuls of clothes
  10. Making the bed

I know you’re finding it hard to contain your excitement after reading this aren’t you? Such an incredible weekend! Oh wait, we did also pay a quick visit to Harvey Norman to look at LCD TVs and computers…that was pretty exciting too…sigh..at least it got me out of the house.

Our laptop has now decided to die this week too. I think it’s the hard drive. Will have to contact HP tomorrow. I’ve spent hours on it this weekend trying to re-install windows and re-format the hard drive. I got it working at one stage, but it crashed about 24 hours later…Not sure what is going on. Not happy Jan. I have recently realised how much time I waste on the internet doing nothing in particular. So I’m really feeling it this weekend. Dale has been working all day today on our main desktop and until now, I’ve been unable to use the Internet and had to bide my time cleaning. It’s not been fun. It’s probably good in a way though for me to get my usage back to more reasonable levels. I think my husband might divorce me if I continue spending this much time on the net…

Well that’s all the excitement I can handle passing on right now…

Rach Out…

7 May

How cool is this?

I can’t believe how easy this blog was to set-up…I even got to choose my very own theme and it was all installed with some simple copying of some files.

I have no idea what I am going to talk about here or who I am going to talk to. Possibly this is just a place for me to let those little voices inside my head out…

Hmmm better watch who’s reading in that case…Can’t let too many people in on the insanity inside my brain….

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